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The last thing you remember is being kidnapped when you wake up in an unknown place. There is something much stranger going on at this place. There is danger here. You must find a way out. The only way out is death. You should consider this genre if you enjoy challenges and aren’t afraid of ghosts. There’s a new horror phenomenon today called Specimen Zero MOD Apk where you must escape a horrible place!

What is Specimen Zero MOD APK 2022?

Ever since popular horror games like Granny became popular, the genre has grown in popularity in gaming. There are an increasing number of horror games available now and new ones are being released all the time. It’s a horror game with a lot of twists that takes place in a dark area with secret buildings from Café Studio.

As you fight creepy creatures, you must collect items and use them to defend yourself. The monster can hear everything, so you’ll have to be careful, because it’ll try to eat you. Your aim is to escape by solving puzzles and searching for and collecting items. You have to make it out of this creepy building without getting devoured by zombies and plenty of monsters!


App Name Specimen Zero MOD Apk
Size 152 MB
Operating System Android
Category Arcade
Rating Value 4.3
Rating Count 9872
Price Free
Last Updated Last week

Specimen Zero apk

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Features of Specimen Zero MOD Apk for Android: 

  • Graphics

This game is amazing because of its graphics. It has exceptional graphics. Having exceptional graphics will enhance your gaming experience.

  • Collect Items 

You can collect a lot of items in this game. There may be puzzles, secret passages, and hidden secrets to be discovered here in order to escape. 

Specimen Zero apk mod

You will encounter many challenges in this game, so don’t expect it to be easy. The goal here is to escape the island by solving puzzles and learning secrets. For the sake of getting out, you will have to solve the puzzles!

  • Coordinate with friends

To join the escape, players can also team up with their friends. Invite more friends into a private room to deal with the enemies. To escape quickly, use the multiplayer mode and work closely with your teammates. Adventure games are always challenging, and this is the place where players can overcome those challenges.

The key to victory will be the ability to move quickly and courageously. In addition, fighting the other demons will be easier with teammates. There are a few other advantages of playing this game in multiplayer mode as well.

  • Collect the Ammo in the room

It is always possible for demons to kill you in an instant because of their great power. A weapon is required in order to confront them. Equip yourself with the right equipment. There are many types of guns to use from a distance, guns like rifles, shotguns, and cannons… Decide what type is most appropriate for counter attacking the enemy. Most guns deal substantial damage, so you can dispose of your enemies rapidly.

Specimen Zero apk 2022

All monsters can be defeated with powerful equipment. Obtain many valuable items and equipment by finding a way out of this place. Whether a person wins or loses, his or her calmness and determination determine the outcome. They have quite a large army, posing many difficulties.

Take advantage of every opportunity, explore the darkest areas, and destroy all enemies. Take back control, escape from this dungeon. You can survive the chases of the devil by downloading Specimen Zero mod.

How To Download & Install The Specimen Zero MOD APK?

It is very easy to download the application. You just have to take the following steps:

  • First of all, you need to uninstall any version of the game that you need to play (if it is already present in the device).
  • Secondly, download the desired application from the link in this article.
  • Afterwards, you need to go to the settings of your device, then find the option of security. Finally, go for the option of unknown sources. Turn on this feature. Moreover, you can take another step. You can turn off play protect feature of the play store.
  • Then, ensure that your device has enough storage capacity.
  • Search the location of the downloaded file after downloading it.
  • Finally, install the application.
  • Congratulations, you can now play the game of your choice without any restriction.


Are ads displayed during the gaming?
No! this application is completely free of ads. Clearly, this is a useful feature.
Does this app have an iOS version?
This application has an iOS version which is named as Specimen Zero apk iOS.
Is this app worth downloading?
Clearly there are a number of different photo and video editors but inshot pro apk cracked is one of the best applications. Moreover, it is the most downloaded editor for android device
Can I Play the Game on PC?
Yes! You can play this app on PC, Laptop, Mac, iPhone, Android as well. But you have to download an android emulator to run apk apps.


As the story unfolds, Specimen Zero is filled with challenges and horrors. As a result, you could be killed at anytime without any warning. In addition to your powerful guns, you will require a torch because the buildings and their rooms are dark. Specimen Zero Mod Menu APK has all of these features.

Download the APK file for the best experience. This is not a large file, but it’s very valuable. Collect hidden gems and discover hidden places in the game. Ultimately, you will find the exit.

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