Hawa Whatsapp APK for Android 2022 (Anti-Ban) Download

Hawa WhatsApp is yet another version of WhatsApp that undoubtedly offers additional options to its consumers. Although it is very much alike the Adams WhatsApp, yet it has its own distinct features that make it unique in comparison to other mods.  Adams WhatsApp was designed particularly keeping in view the interest of men that is why it had characteristic deep tones of black and brown. Whereas Hawa WhatsApp is designed keeping in view the interests of girls and women. As a result of which purple and red versions with bright tones are the most popular ones. It is also known as Eves WhatsApp.

What is Hawa WhatsApp 2022?

Mods are becoming popular with every passing day due to their interesting features. Same goes for Hawa WhatsApp. Apart from various privacy options it also gives the option of choosing the app theme as well as the type of lock on the application. In addition, it offers quite unique feature some of which are discussed below:

Overview of Hawa WhatsApp Apk

App Name Hawa Whatsapp Apk
Version V20
Size 42 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Requirement Android 4.5 or Above
Rating Value 4.1
Rating Count 814
Price Free
Last Update 2 Dyas Ago

hawa whatsapp apk

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Features Of Hawa WhatsApp:

  • Options to switch between versions:

Greater proportion of the population get bored by using the unaltered version constantly. This issue is figured out by utilizing the services of Hawa WhatsApp which gives 3 options of purple, black and red versions, with the facility to switch between any version at any time without any inconvenience.

  • Wi-fi optimization:

Lately an advanced feature has been introduced which permits the user to turn off Wi-Fi only for WhatsApp. Moreover, users do not need to open the settings for this purpose, and this is where the uniqueness of this version is exhibited. instead of opening settings you just have to press a sign which is present on the icon of application all along.

  • Muslim friendly version:

Red version of this application is particularly Muslim friendly version as it allows you to stay connected to Quran as well as hadith. moreover, few recommended Islamic books can also be accessed on it. furthermore, you can set your prayer alerts as well as time for your evening and night adhkars.

  • Hawa Whatsapp Weight calculator:

Individuals can calculate the perfect weight range requirements according to their heights and this is an extra plus point as it aids in improving health status of the user.

  • Secrecy configuration:

Along with all the unique properties it also provides the privacy configuration which is common to all mods. similar to other versions, it also permits hiding the extra information like the last seen, online, typing, recording etc. Moreover, it also permits the consumer to check the stories and status without the tension of their names appearing in the list of the contact.

  • Security settings:

Applications on general do not come with locking options. But Hawa WhatsApp comes with three locking facilities, each of different type. This provides extra security to the data.

Download and Installation Of Hawa Whatsapp Apk Android

  • First, uninstall previous version of the application (WhatsApp).
  • Now go to the download now and click on start download.
  • After this, go to your phone setting and turn on “unknown sources”.
  • Go to download/file manager to locate your downloaded apk file.
  • Click on install button and the installation process will be start.
  • Congratulations, your app has been Installed.
  • Enjoy amazing features

adam whatsapp installation


  • How can I download Hawa WhatsApp?

As it is a cracked version, It cannot be download from the play store. You can easily get this kind of  version from here.

  • Is it available on types of devices?

No! this cracked mod is only for the android users and that also for 4.0 or above version.as far as windows and iPhones are considered, it cannot be used in them.

  • Do we get notified about any available update?

Unlike other versions, you will not receive a notification for update. You will have to re-install the app after uninstalling it to enjoy any updated feature.

  • What are the exclusive features of Hawa WhatsApp?

As far as exclusive features are considered there are plenty of things to be discussed. For instance, Hawa WhatsApp contain utilities like currency converter, weather app as well as weight calculator. Moreover, it is ban proof despite the fact that it is not the original version. And last but not the least it permits the addition of transparent icon.

Above mentioned are some of the most discussed features. But these are only a few of them. Hawa WhatsApp contains hundreds of such features. So don’t wait and download this application and enjoy seamless experience with new explorations at every step.


Without a doubt, Hawa WhatsApp serves as one of the best versions of WhatsApp application. It offers plenty of new and appealing features that can be cherished by anyone. I hope that you’ll download it and experience the excitement for yourself.

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