GM Whatsapp APK for Android 2022 (Anti Ban)

GM WhatsApp is a new version of WhatsApp developed by altering the original version. Owing to the secrecy protocols of the actual WhatsApp version, the users are restricted from using numerous features. Without a doubt, without these features WhatsApp appears boring and uninteresting.

So, in order to make your WhatsApp experience more interesting a mod version was introduced which is now called GM WhatsApp. Certainly, using this version can make your experience much more interesting in contrast to using original WhatsApp.

What is GM WhatsApp Apk 2022?

This is an altered form of original WhatsApp. In contrast to all other mods this mod has 4 different forms. Apart from some common features, each version offers some unique feature. Evidently, this opens a new range of experiences for users.

Overview of GM Whatsapp APK

App Name GM WhatsApp APK
Version V11.30
Size 57 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.1
Rating Count 780
Price Free
Last Updated Last Week

gm whatsapp apk

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Features Of GM Whatsapp

  • Secrecy:

It provides many privacy settings such as hiding your online presence using freezing option. Moreover, you can restrict sender from deleting his/her own message. On the contrary, you will be able to see your contact’s status and messages that have already been deleted. Apart from this, you can see someone’s status without letting them know. Furthermore, your message will never be labelled as forwarded even if you forwarded it from someone’s else chat. And all of this is possible by using GM.

  • Security system:

It has three different kind of locks. Although, anyone of the lock can be helpful but gm WhatsApp provides excellent security by its three lock types. Moreover, you can also choose whether the pattern should be visible or not. Additionally, it also provides some recovery questions. These questions allow you to open the application if you forget your pin/ pattern. Certainly, this is the most secure application.

  • Numerous different sub-versions:

Despite being a modified version, It has its own sub-versions. These are GM1 WhatsApp, GM WhatsApp (the one with iPhone theme), red SB WhatsApp & last but not least blue GM3 WhatsApp.

  • Allowance of customization:

Although, It is open to customizations. Instead of boring you with the boring display, GM WhatsApp allows you to change chat bubbles, widgets, themes & ringtones. Besides, it also allows you to move your navigation bar from top to the lower side. not only this, but it also permits to alter the name of the application to the name of your choice.

  • Hiding downloaded pictures and videos:

In actual version any downloaded pictures or videos appear immediately in the gallery. But despite being a modified version of actual WhatsApp, this does not happen in this. Here you can stop media files to appear in the gallery of the device. This not only saves you from storage problems but also save the data usage.

  • GM Whatsapp Internet settings:

Now you can turn off your internet only for WhatsApp and enjoy other apps without any disturbance. Moreover, turning on airplane can also stop you from receiving notifications.

  • Animations introduction:

You can also introduce different animations. Apart from GM WhatsApp, this feature is not present in most versions of WhatsApp.

Download and installation:

  • Follow the following steps:
  • Firstly, uninstall the actual WhatsApp
  • Secondly, turn on the option of allowing apps from unknown sources.
  • Thirdly, download the Apk file from this page.
  • And finally, install the Apk file


  • While using GM WhatsApp you can get banned?

Do not worry. It comes with an anti- ban feature and is secure enough to use. You will not get banned.

  • What is the advantage of using GM WhatsApp?

As far as advantage is concerned, This MOD version allows you to enjoy features that are not even available in actual WhatsApp.


GM WhatsApp is one of the best modified forms of actual WhatsApp that is interesting as well as facilitating. It makes your online presence interesting as well as exciting with its useful features.  clearly, it helps you enjoy features like customization, extreme privacy settings, numerous forms of locking options, pre-viewing media (both pictures and videos) before downloading them and last but not the least enabling the DND option. Undoubtedly, it is the best application that you can install in your devices

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