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Android and iOS versions of Dragon City MOD APK are available here. Below you can download the latest version of Dragon City Hack APK For PC as well as direct download links. For that reason, if you want to play a live match online, you should download Dragon City Unlimited Money & Gold Unlocked For Free.

So What’s up guys? How’s it going? You must be having a great time. A post related to dragon city cracked apk is currently available for you to read. My name is Sutin, and today I present to you a modified apk you’ve probably never seen before.  Learn all about Dragon City and how to install it on your device with the help of the latest post on Dragon City APK MOD 2022, so without wasting more time, start reading today’s post.

What Is Dragon City MOD APK 2022?

Modified (hacked) version of the official dragon city game, Dragon City Mod Apk allows you to feed, breed, and train your dragon with unlimited resources. In 2013, Social Point released DragonCity Mod for download on iOS, which was first launched for play on Facebook on May 8, 2012. It was released on Intel Atom tablets for Android in August 2014 by the developer mentioned above.


App Name Dragon City MOD Apk
v 22.2.0
Size 142 MB
Operating System Android
Category Simulation
Rating Value 4.6
Rating Count 1877
Price Free
Last Updated Today

Dragon City Apk

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Features Of Dragon City MOD Apk:

The mod apk lets you unlock any caged dragon, review your dragon an unlimited number of times, grow foods in unlimited quantities, and much more. Some more and interesting features of Apk Dragon City are mentioned below, have a look at that:

  • PvP battlefield:

After attaining a certain level in the game, you can participate in the PvP arena. Your strongest dragon will be used here to fight other players or the AI. Winning the game will reward you with a wide variety of rewards, like gold and dragon eggs. The maximum number of dragons you can use during a match is three.

Make your formation based on the characteristics of your opponent’s dragons. A water dragon, for example, makes sense when the enemy has a lot of fire dragons. Using the spheres in each game will also strengthen your dragon, so do not forget to use them.

  • Create a Dragon Island:

As the player, your main task is to build a dragon island. The island is beautiful and flies high above the clouds. If you wish to build islands, you can obliterate trees or stones to make the island larger.

It is common to divide dragons into different elements, such as fire, water, earth, nature, thunder, and so on. To facilitate egg hatching, you need to provide them the right habitat on the basis of those elements.

  • Dragon Collection Book:

The collection of dragons you have is called Dragon Book. In Dragon Book, there are currently more than 500 dragon species, and this number continues to grow every week. It isn’t explained why we need an army of dragons, but it is extremely exciting to find a rare dragon egg and await its hatching.

Dragon City Game

Evolution occurs at a variety of stages for every dragon. Each dragon is capable of evolving at a certain level. With evolution, you gain greatly enhanced stats and unlock a special skill. Additionally, make sure they have the gem-by-Rune feature.

  • Premium Unlocked dragons:

Over 500 types of dragons are available for free in Dragon Master MOD APK. Aside from the primary dragons, you’ll also acquire dragons that have different skills and abilities. More and more dragons will be available to you as you complete more missions.

Hybrid dragons can also be made by crossing up to 10 different types of dragons in this app (Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend, and Pure). There is more to come, since the official update also arrives with new dragon types, assets, and more.

Dragon City MOD Apk Unlimited Gold:

You will get unlimited gold when you download Dragon City Mod Apk. With this gold, you can buy various resources in the game shop. A perfect Dragon City is built with gold, as we know. For addition of habitats to cities such as terra habitat, flame habitat, sea habitat, and many others, gold is required. Gold unlocks several dragons, such as the Sea Dragon and Nature Dragon.

Dragon City Unlimited Gems:

In this game, Gems are also very important. Between battles, you can review your dragon, add a building to Dragon City, and unlock magical dragons. In addition, some caged dragons can be freed with only gems. You can find them anywhere. To breed more powerful dragons, you can use unlimited gems to unlock them.

Game Play

It allows you to obtain the eggs of many different types of dragons, such as jelly dragons, volcano dragons, and many others, with this dragon city mod apk unlimited gems. When they hatch, you’ll have a complete collection of dragon eggs.

  • Unlimited Dragons in MOD Apk:

There are ten types of dragons you can raise with this Dragon MOD APK, such as Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend, and Pure.

  • 100 Types Of Dragons:

In the dragon city game, there are over 80M+ dragon masters. In order to obtain a new dragon, you must defeat them. Dragon city mod is one of the best games I have ever played since you get all 100 types of dragons, which can be used depending on the situation. If you are battling with high-profile players, it makes sense to use dragons that contain more than one element.

Dragon City Apk MOD Latest Version 22.2.0

As with the authentic Dragon City game, the game interface of dragon city mod apk unlimited everything looks exactly like it does in the official game. It also has all of the same assets. I love the ease of control this game has, and the plugin controls are also great. As part of this game, you will have to construct your own dragon-city, including buildings, farms, and habitats, and also hatch eggs for dragons, breed them, and enhance their levels to make them a better fighter. The Dragon Fire MOD APK is extremely effective at completing all of these missions.

  • Know The Value Of Your Dragon:

Understanding the difference between the kinds of dragon is the key to victory. In the game, there are several dissimilar types of dragons. They include sparks, oceans, galvanics, hail, shining, dim light, battles, myths, good, and many more. If you know your dragon’s strengths and weaknesses as well as possible, you will win the war more likely. A crystal dragon or a mirror dragon are considered legendary.

  • Dragon Habitat Placement:

In this part of the game, the dragon must be put in a habitat that matches its elements. If you match your dragon with the mirror element in this section of the Dragon City MOD APK, you’ll earn more gold.

  • Premium Unlocked Everything :

The Dragon City Hack Apk will give you unlimited resources, so you will not have to spend a single penny. You must know from experience that resources are created by spending both time and money. Moreover, if you want to earn some coins and gems, you’ll need to work hard and play for the whole day. 

Unlimited Gold & Money

The Dragon City app, however, will give you unlimited resources and you won’t have to spend real money to get them. You can also buy all the remaining assets in Dragon City MOD APK with an endless supply of gold and gems.

  • Online & Offline Multiplayers

All these features can be found in many multiplayer simulation MOD games. There’s no difference between electronic military drills (EMDs) and computer simulations, since MODS cannot allow you to play online. You can play any multiplayer game with real players in Dragon City after downloading the MOD APK from this article. The MOD APK for Dragon City is also anti-ban, so you don’t have to worry about account bans.

  • Dragons City MOD Apk High Quality Graphics:

Fairyland is beautifully described as Dragon Island in Dragon City. This is a 3D world with sharp images and vibrant colors. The game’s dragons were particularly cute and cool, and that is what impressed me most about it. I enjoyed every aspect of it.

Dragon City Offline

Know More About dragon city MOD Apk For Android:

  • Don’t worry about feeding your dragons a limited amount of food
  • All dragons are now unlocked from 1st level
  • Unlimited reviews of dragon
  • Boost the level of any dragon
  • Increase the size of your dragon city
  • Get free access to greenhouse
  • The easiest way to open ancient portals

With Dragon City mod Apk 2022, you can use unlimited gold to beautify your city, use unlimited gems to speed up egg hatching, name your newly hatched dragon, all of this can be done without any limitations. Moreover, you can unlock the most powerful dragon-like dragons, the Obsidian Dragon and Wildfire Dragon.

How To Download & Install The Dragon City Mod Apk?

  • First of all, you need to uninstall any version of the game that you need to play (if it is already present on the device).
  • Secondly, download the desired application from the link in this article.
  • Afterward, you need to go to the settings of your device, then find the option of security. Finally, go for the option of unknown sources. Turn on this feature. Moreover, you can take another step. You can turn off play protect feature of the play store.
  • Then, ensure that your device has enough storage capacity.
  • Search the location of the downloaded file after downloading it.
  • Finally, install the application.
  • Congratulations, you can now play the game of your choice without any restriction.


How to get dragon city mod apk latest version?
There is a direct download button below. Click on button and choose the version you want to download 2021 or 2022. Unlimited gems and money is pre added in the update version that is not available on ios store or app store.
Do we need codes, cheats and hacks after installing modified version of game?
No, you do not need any extra dragon city menu, codes, or cheats.
Is dragon city game online?
It’s up to you. you can also play this game offline as well.
Is dragon city app for pc only?
No, You can also download it for PC, MAC, iOS/iPhone, Android, ipad etc.
Is this app is safe and free?
Dragon City Apk iOS is free. Not only free but also it has all premium features unlocked with unlimited money and gems also.


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